Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sukhothai Beef Noodles House: Penang

Hubs and I are crazy over beef noodle soup and it's so hard to the find the perfect one in Penang where there anre't many choices. So when a fellow beef noodle soup fanatic heartily recommended Sukhtothai, a new Thai beef noodles restaurant in Pulau Tikus, we were skeptical but decided to try our luck.

The way the beef noodles are served seems similar to Vietnamese style with a side basket of fresh beansprouts and Thai basil leaves, the only thing missing was a wedge of fresh lemon. After shredding the leaves and pouring in the bean sprouts into the piping hot soup, we greedily tucked into it.

People, I tell you, it was! The soup was rich, nicely flavored, noodles were perfect and there were generous helpings of beef. For an extra kick, try adding the chilli paste from the tiny little condiments tray. You can choose to have the beef soup with noodles or rice.

We also opted for the Thai style milk coffee which Hubs gave it an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up and dessert was durian sticky rice which to my surprise, was served warm along with black glutinous rice. It was really decadent and be warned, you'll definitely end up with a heavy belly with this!

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