Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mummy Hangover

Bubs has been suffering from a cold, the poor mite has been sneezing, coughing and running a low grade fever. Needless to say, nights have been hell. He's extremely irritable and keeps waking up nearly hourly, demanding to be rocked back to sleep. The lack of sleep has resulted in me being irritable myself and groggy, this is what I dub as the mummy hangover.

The best cure for a mummy hangover would be either a combination or all of the below:

Bringing Bubs up close to see his 1st Christmas tree. Last Christmas, he was just 3 months old so this time around, he's fascinated with them. He loves the twinkling lights and will poke at the dangly ornaments though for some reason, he's scared of the prickly leaves. If you bring his hand up close to touch the leaves, he squeals and pulls it away.

Going for so-spicy-your-mouth-is-on-fire tom yum noodles. My favourite is at Eastern Wishes, remember to ask for Maggi noodles in your soup. The soup is out of this world: it's so sour and spicy, it'll get you going hangover? what hangover?

 You know what's better than tom yum noodles? Tom yum noodles with ice kacang! Eastern Wishes ice kacang comes with a couple of choc rippled ice cream, the perfect quencher for that tongue blistering tom yum.

And finally, to chase away the last vestige of the mummy hangover, finding live pine trees for sale at Cold Storage. Almost 99% of Xmas trees sold here are artificial so seeing live ones got me excited. They had the most marvelous woodsy, sharp scent about them and looked so lush and pretty when garlanded with bits of tinsel around them. Massive lurrve.

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