Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christmas Feast

So what did you spooks get up to this Christmas? I hope you all had a whale of a time eating, drinking and being merry. We went back to one of my favourite places again, the E&O for lunch. They've moved the buffet area from the old Sarkies Corner to the new Sarkies at the Victory Annexe. At first I wasn't too keen about the idea of a new extension to E&O, that place is a legend, where else can you find a hotel in Penang that boasts of once having Rudyard Kipling as a guest? You don't mess with perfection, I tell you.

I'd to eat my words when I saw what they did with the new building. They managed to rig it up to look like an old fashioned colonial building (apart from the shiny newness of nearly everything there) but with lots of pretty stuff. Just look at this amazing arrangement of a small fir tree, Chinese vases, white painted cages that double up as teapot holders. And of course, again, another gorgeous Christmas tree. Be fooled not by its sparseness, it's a live tree, my favourite kind!

The food was amazing. Bubs however wasn't too impressed and spent the whole time there eating nothing but bread and fruit, I kid you not. He was insisted on wanting my ice cream so Hubs relented and gave him a few licks of it.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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