Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Dresses

I went a bit overboard this round by buying 6 dresses and keeping them until Chinese New Year week :) You've already seen half of them from the CNY postings, these are the remaining ones:

When I tried it on at Topshop, the dress was definitely longer - it either shrank in the wash or I gained weight since December! Not a huge fan of black dresses but loved the cut of it so I accessorised it with a green beaded necklace thrifted from Mum's drawers.

This lace bonded pencil dress is also from Topshop and what I loved about it was that it gave me a waist. Topshop has been filled with all kinds of lovely dresses in December which hasn't been exactly kind to my bank account.
Ok, this royal blue tunic was supposed to be a short dress and again, either it shrank to the point of no return or I packed on pounds because when I wore it over the weekend, it was too skanky that I'd to wear black leggings under it and turned the mini dress into a tunic. I wore this for breakfast with Glam Girl, she always looks so glamourous and pretty no matter where she's headed to.


  1. Wow, i absolutely love the dresses on you, you look great!

  2. Thanks :) huge fan of all your makeup looks!


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