Monday, February 20, 2012

Little H's 1st Birthday, Salmon and Sequins

EL and I have been friends since college, she was the one that taught me how to walk around in heels and I've fond memories of the time we both decided to skip classes to be mall rats for the entire day *grins* It was her daughter's first birthday last weekend.

All the kids went crazy over the Sesame Street themed cake, particularly Elmo. Bubs kept pointing at it and going "ehmo".

The place had lots of beautiful vases with flowers, they were so pretty but I was terrified that Bubs might accidentally break something.

I wore this gauzy blue tulle skirt with silver embroidery on it. I got it from the kids department at Somerset Bay years ago. My deepest darkest fashion secret is that I love shopping for my clothes at kids stores. The sizes often run big and there are so much cute stuff, not to mention the prices are a lot cheaper!

Whenever we're at a mall and if Bubs is hungry, we always head to Sakae Sushi. I like how Hubs and I can snack on yummy sashimi and we get grilled salmon for Bubs. I like to put heaps of wasabi with soya so tears stream down my cheeks. I'm sadistic, I know.

My Zara sequined clutch finally arrived in the mail! It was sold out everywhere and nearly impossible to get. I preferred the gold version but it was selling for nearly double the price on Ebay so I settled for the black sequins. It's one of the largest clutches I've ever had and can fit all my junk inside nicely without bulging or becoming a weird shape. I love, love, love how it jazzes up a casual tee and jeans outfit and can't wait to rock it with dressier options.

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