Friday, February 24, 2012

An Evening Walk

I've been taking Bubs out nearly daily for evening walks before dinner time to burn off excess energy so he'll eat dinner without much fussing and go to bed earlier.

He gets all excited whenever he saw ants, frantically pointing at them and keeps saying "anna".

We found a snail and he stared solemnly at it for a while.

The gardeners planted some vegetables at an empty spot of land. I spotted birds eye chilli, ladies fingers, sugar cane (I think, or is that bamboo?) and papaya trees.

People grew some pretty flowers in pots and flower beds on the pavements. I like how cheerful they look instead of the dreary concrete.

It was a beautiful evening. Bubs wanted to look for dogs and the neighbors had quite a few. He stood in front of the gates going "wov wov" and waved at them. That kid has a fearless streak in him. I don't know where he gets it from. Certainly not me. I plucked him away from strays and carried him kicking and screaming until we were a considerable distance away. I was pondering what would I do if a stray started to attack us. Throw Bubs to safety over the gate of some house without a dog inside and jump on top of a car?

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