Monday, February 13, 2012

Of Sweet Treats and Fit Flops

It's been a really sweet week.

My cousin J gave birth to the sweetest baby girl with a thick shock of black hair. I was so enthralled at the little darling and listening to her birth story (I've a secret fascination for birth stories) that I forgot to take any photos. Sorry.

It was Mum-In-Law's birthday and we went to a restaurant that had the most abysmal service. The highlight of the dinner was this piece of wonder. Layers upon delicate layers sandwiched with vanilla cream. I can never stop at just a single serving of Humble Beginnings mille crepes. Or two. Or three.

MA's birthday was also this week so we celebrated in the office pantry with boxes of J Co mini donuts. These are perfect as you get to taste a bit of most of the flavours that they have, not to mention the tiny sizes are so cutesy.

I was trying to take what I thought would be a dainty bite from the donut and ended up with chocolate all over. I know. Classy.

This is Le Petite showing a close up of her tiramisu donut. She always has perfectly manicured nails.

Have you heard of Fit Flops? When they were first launched, I thought they were hideous and reminded me of a tamer version of what the Spice Girls would wear.

 After seeing the Glamazon wear them, I think I'm a convert now. This pair looks really minimalist and stylish on her. They're supposed to be really good for your feet but aren't exactly cheap which is why I haven't splurged on them. Glamazon reasoned with me saying that I should just get a pair of these and not get any other pairs of shoes for the rest of the year, ever. Which is a good point except that Topshop just called to let me know that the pair of gold glitter ballet flats I've ordered have arrived.

What do you think of Fit Flops? Fashion do or don't?


  1. Love your fit flops. They look comfie which is the most important thing I look for! Btw loving your pedi, esp the color, where do you get them done??

  2. They're my friend's feet & fit flops actually, lol. She does them herself, amazing right?


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