Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skater Boy and the Weekend

Now that Bubs no longer wears onesies (can't get over the fact that my lil baby is now a toddler) when he goes out, I've been trying out a few styles for him. This is the part where Hubs would go "Style? What style? He'd happily run around nekkid if we let him!" This weekend, I tried skater boy style for him.

This funky tee is from his Australian Godma. Does she have fantastic taste or what.

We colour coordinated our outfits. My top is originally a tunic that was too long to be paired with jeans but too indecent to be worn alone. So I tucked it into a skirt. Voila, a new outfit!

I love coconuts and I love jelly, so there was no way I'd turn down a chance to eat coconut jelly. Have you ever eaten one of these before? The top of the coconut is removed so the swirls of coconut flesh and water inside are mixed with jelly to become the most luscious dessert ever. It is so refreshing, not too sweet and very coconutty. It was so good, I'd two of this at one sitting.

One of the best things in life is mee goreng with sotong (cuttlefish) at Edgecumbe Road Pasembor & Mee Goreng, Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney. You know what's even better than mee goreng with sotong? Mee goreng sotong with pasembur! Describing mee goreng as stir fried noodles is such an understatement. Imagine a plate of wok fried perfection noodles, spicy greasiness, with bean curd chunks, soft potato squares, strips of cuttlefish and garnished with half a calamansi or wedge of lime.

Pasembur on the other hand, is harder to explain, I think it's called Indian Rojak in Singapore. It's like a mixed salad (this sounds deceptively healthy) of julienned turnips and cucumber and this is the kicker, you can add on anything you want: there are cuttlefish, fried boiled eggs (the eggs are boiled first before being fried to get a crispy coating), all kinds of fritters from potato to shrimp and all of these are then drenched generously with a spicy, sweet sauce.

After such a heavy meal,  we burned off the calories by indulging in heavy duty shopping at Gurney Plaza. Well, I was the one doing the shopping, while Hubs and Bubs tagged along. I got this black and white bird print top and gold, glittery ballet flats. Hubs told me to click my heels together 3 times and I'll "disappear to Wonder Land". He got Alice and Dorothy mixed up ;)

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