Thursday, February 23, 2012


When I was younger, I could remember all the older female relatives of my family donning kebayas for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Their kebayas were often gauzy, all shades of the rainbow and always intricately embroidered. When paired with colourful mua (sarongs), they reminded me of butterflies, fluttering around the room.

Left to right:
1. Fuchsia one that I wore during our registration of marriage. I wanted to wear a kebaya during our wedding but everyone else vetoed the idea.

2. Bright blue one bought from (all of places!) Sydney. There was a designer collaborating with Australian brand Sportsgirl and they had a range of kebaya.

3. and 4. Mint green and white ones from my Grandma's closet. Dad told me that his mum mostly sewed her own kebayas. Before she passed away, she gave Mum and I all of her collection. They're a bit loose on me so I usually pair them with tighter skirts/jeans.


  1. Hello! How'd you doing? Can I ask you where in Sydney did you get your kebaya? I am doing an assignment on peranakan culture. I think it will be quite a hassle to send it over from Singapore. Can you let me know please? Thanks Heaps!!


    1. I got it from Sportsgirl but that was years ago, unfortunately :(


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