Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ballet Chic, a Coin Purse and Vintage Books

Chescada just got back from a week long trip to Hong Kong. I'm so jealous, especially when she showed us her H&M haul as well as all the food photos!

She has the most enviable wardrobe, she's wearing what I call ballet chic, grey lacy cardigan with a black, pleated midi skirt. If she wasn't wearing the cardigan all day at work, I'd have stolen it.

She got us each a cute little silicon coin purse and a chocolate shaped lip balm. There was a scramble for the coin purses for us to pick our favourite colours and I was so happy I got blue! When she brought out a box full of chocolates, we told her to save it for tea time until she pointed out that they were actually lip balms, LOL.

Dad passed me a box of old books and I was happy to find some vintage ones. These belonged to my sister and are probably even older than me. The Ladybird early readers are still in fantastic condition and when I opened the hard back cover, feeling the familiar papery smoothness, that whiff of old paper, the beautifully painted illustrations. The best part to me is the intricate designs of the front and back pages that all Ladybird books used to have: pale blue background with curling leaves and iconic fairy tale characters all spread around: the Wicked Witch with her hand curled around a red apple, the Gingerbread Boy running merrily, the Shoemaker hard at work ... all these brought back a flood of memories.

And these books! Tell me which girl growing up in the 80s didn't want to be either Jem and the Holograms or She-Ra?


  1. Jem and my friends are Jem girls! Jem! Jem is my name :)

  2. Jem, truly, truly, truly outrageous ... hahah, that theme song is still stuck in my head!


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