Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Gremlin Strikes Again

Le Petite's a mum-to-be and the other day, her mum thought she was going to the Botanical Garden then immediately cautioned her not to look at monkeys. We were all mystified why couldn't she look at monkeys until she explained that it's a pantang for pregnant women to avoid looking at monkeys lest your baby ends up resembling one!

I thought hard about it ...............

Hubs must have watched gremlin movies while I was pregnant, LOL

Look out gremlin like Bubs is:

Out of nowhere, he'd run and hop onto the windows, holding onto the bars, rattling them. Natural born gremlin instinct, me thinks.

Once when he was unbelievably quiet for a few good minutes, I saw a gremlin run out with oven mitt clad hands. What astounded me was how he even got them on both hands without any help.

And where the gremlin goes, he leaves behind a path of mess and destruction. Often, poor Elmo is the victim of his misdeeds.

Remind me the next time I'm pregnant, to avoid watching any gremlins at work.

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