Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Everyday Face

Every single morning, I roll out of bed and when I look into the mirror, I give a little eek! If Bubs was good the night before and if I get my 10 hours of sleep, then all's well. Otherwise ...

Freckles are my bane. They are one of the things that somehow look cute on others but so out of place on me :( I don't even understand how I get them as I'm very particular about not stepping out of the house without some form of SPF on. And let's talk dark eye circles, I've always had problems with them but if Bubs is getting through a fussy growth spurt or a difficult teething period, they end up looking like bruises.

So to avoid looking like an extra from The Night of the Living Dead, these are my everyday essentials ...

Can I tell you how much I love Bobbi Brown's BB cream? I used to use a separate sunblock, wait for it to dry, then tinted moisturizer on top because I felt the SPF 15 in tinted moisturizers were inadequate until D told me about this BB cream. It has SPF 35, it feels more hydrating and has a slightly thicker coverage so it hides some of my freckles. To conceal all my tired looking bits, I use Bobbi Brown's Face Touch Up Stick. It hides my dark eye circles (they've a separate concealer for that but I prefer products that multitask), lightens freckles and annoying little zits.

I'm a blush addict - there's something about a swirl of colour on my cheeks that just makes me look more awake and lively. I can't narrow my favourite blush down to just a single shade but my current to go colour is MAC's Briar Rose (limited edition from the Venomous Villains collection). I've a soft spot for Maleficent, the elegant, evil sorceress from Sleeping Beauty.

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