Friday, May 11, 2012

A Rockin' Good Dinner

Hard Rock Hotel opened in Penang a couple of years ago and when it first opened, I dragged Hubs there just so I could get a Hard Rock pin.

I've a tiny collection of Hard Rock cafe guitar pins of different cities, each guitar is shaped from an iconic feature of the city, eg: Penang's one is formed from a beca (trishaw). When Hard Rock cafe started operating in Penang, we had lunch there and it was disappointing. The food wasn't at its best and so not worth its price so we put Hard Rock out from our minds and haven't been back until ...........

It was the closest place that had kid friendly meals (read: hygienic) since we were at the beach and we were starving so with a bit of misgiving, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. And I'd to eat my words! Both the food and service were amazing this time around.

We were greeted warmly and the staff went out of their way to made us feel very welcome. They got Bubs a balloon and I loved that they gave mini packets of crayons so your kids could scribble on the kids menu. Kids meals are a standard RM18 with a (one time) refillable soft drink/milk or you could pay RM22 for an upgrade to a milkshake and the cup can be brought home with you. We opted for the mac & cheese with a choc milkshake.

Bubs's food arrived super quick which impressed me - I mean you could argue that kids meals take little to no time to cook since it's usually simpler and the portion's a lot smaller but still, it makes us parents happy that little tummies don't have to wait long to to be filled. Bubs was unusually enthusiastic about his mac & cheese so I sneaked a few bites myself. It was really good that I kinda wished I ordered this for myself! I've eaten quite a few kids meals mac & cheese at restaurants and they usually taste pretty plastic-y or over salted to death but the flavor of this one was really well flavoured.

My Pulled Lamb (vinegar flavoured) sandwich, pay an extra RM8 to change from fries to onion rings and Hubs's Classic 10 oz Burger. The lamb sandwich was fantastic! The vinegar-y tang complemented the soft, shredded pieces of lamb served on burger buns very well though the portion was ginormous, I really struggled to finish this but gave up. Hubs's verdict on his burger was a thumbs up and again, a very generous serving.

Bubs and I matched each other in denim.The staff that night were incredibly friendly and even went the extra mile with their service. I wanted to bring back the empty milkshake cup but didn't want to chuck it into my handbag and I asked for a plastic bag. The wait staff did even better than that - she went to the kitchen to wash the cup and lid for me before placing it in a bag.

Would we go back again? A resounding YES from Hubs, Bubs and me :) 

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