Monday, May 7, 2012

Wandering About Town

Have you all been enjoying this recent slew of public holidays? So have we!

We wandered about one of my favourite areas in town: the colourful heritage area near Little India after dinner at Woodlands. This is me dressing the part in my white boyfriend-ish kurta-like top complete with heavily jeweled sandals.

 An old school pedal bicycle plus a pay phone: two things that you don't see often nowadays, let alone together!

Spotted this incredibly cool vintage Morris Minor complete with a green rubber horn at the side of the car. I was so tempted to squeeze the bulb just for the heck of it.

Bits of crumbling paint on an old house. If you look closely, you can see a small plant beginning to grow on the top of it. It struck me that this house was probably brand new during my grandparents time but might not last through when I become a grandparent myself. This is why I love snapping photos of these areas, to preserve whatever memories there might be left of Penang long gone by.

It was a beautiful evening. This building houses both the Eng Loh kopitiam and a budget motel. Mum told me that before swanky hotels were commonplace in Penang, visiting relatives would stay a night or two at these motels.

The Baba Nonya mansion nearby is a gorgeous and vivd hue of mint green. This was filmed for the Singaporean hit series Little Nonya.

And if you're looking for even more colourful treats as cheap as chips, try the Indian costume jewelry shops around the area. They have rows of rainbow coloured bangles, bindis and other accessories.


  1. LOVE your top! Looks very comfie. Btw what camera are you using? Takes pretty photos!

  2. Yes, super duper comfy, I wear it to the office & I feel like I'm wearing pajamas :D Thanks, using a camera phone (Samsung S2) actually, makes it so much easier to edit it & just upload photos online directly


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