Friday, May 25, 2012

My Cousin's Big & Colourful Indian Wedding

My cousin J got married in a lavish Indian ceremony at a temple and it was a feast for the senses, incredibly bright and colourful, festive music playing, the scent of incense burning and the solemness of all the rituals. The earlier part of the ceremony was done separately with the bride and the groom going through the rituals separately.

My cousin J looking so pretty and radiant in her wedding saree. Look at how elaborate her hair is with all the tiny jasmine buds and jeweled accessories. She even had her ears pierced for the wedding!

Her handsome husband K with a flower garland around his neck.

It was a photography nut's dream come true ... I couldn't help myself exploring the temple (and hopefully didn't get in the way of anyone or offend anyone) taking so many colours. I spotted a pair of tourists at the temple who were also fascinated with the wedding.

Most of the guests were decked out in gorgeous sarees and dresses of all colours. Even the little ones looked festive.

My aunts also got into the spirit by dressing up.

 Unfortunately Bubs threw a tantrum so we had to leave early. Congrats again to the happy couple! :)

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