Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Going Vegetarian at Quay Cafe

I was thrilled to find Quay Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant that serves more interesting vegetarian dishes apart from the usual economy rice options. It's located at what is popularly known as bank street in Penang and nestled in a heritage building (it's the same block as Digi to be exact).

The interior is very airy and spacious, in a loft style concept. I love the exposed brick walls and naked light bulbs hanging down from the ceiling. The simplicity ties in with the food offerings at Quay Cafe - basic, honest and unpretentious food. There are many long wooden tables and chairs, offering customers an option for communal dining. Cutlery is self served and all customers are expected to bring back their empty plates and cutlery themselves at the side of the restaurant (like school canteens).

We couldn't help but ordering up a storm just to try a little of everything.

Assam laksa (RM5) was good. Coming from a laksa lover who has sampled quite a few vegetarian options, I'd say this is pretty similar to the non-vegetarian option thought I didn't really find it filling.

The bento box (RM15) is an interesting concept as people tend to equate Japanese food to be primarily seafood based. Hubs found it to be bland but then again, we tend to be more partial towards strong flavours.

Nasi lemak (RM7) was nice, it has a piece of faux fish (fauish? fiux?) and I wish they had chunks of cucumber to go with it. If I'm not mistaken, they used brown/unpolished rice and when cooked with coconut cream, it is very rich and filling. We loved this and would order it again.

I'm a fan of old school desserts and couldn't pass up a chance to have peanut soup, it's served hot and it was lovely.

Also took the chance to have an outfit of the day photo taken against the gorgeous brick walls ;) The beautiful, intricate lace and satin skirt is a birthday pressie from Aussie Godma, thanks babe!

Quay Cafe's food is a little on the pricey side but is one of the better quality vegetarian restaurants that I've tried. It'd be a good place for vegetarians to bring their carnivorous friends as it has a chic kind of ambiance and the food is similar to non-vegetarian options. 

No 2, Church Street Ghaut,
10300, Penang
11am – 2.30pm
Closed on Sundays

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