Thursday, May 10, 2012

Island in the Sun

Fairy Godma was back in town and was conveniently staying at a beach side resort. She offered us the use of her hotel room to wash off the sea water and sand in exchange for spending time with Bubs. How could we turn down such a generous offer? ;)

We reached the beach close to sunset and it was a gloriously hot day. It's been a loooong time since we'd last been there and I loved everything about it. From the feeling of sand between my toes, the salty tang of the seawater, the roar of the waves slapping the sand. That part of the beach was slightly deserted, there were a few couples strolling about but it wasn't packed with people.

It was Bubs's first time walking on sand and he didn't really like it at first because he kept sinking into it, LOL. It was also his first time being that close to the sea and it slightly freaked him out. We had to lure him closer to it by using his beach ball (best RM5 I've ever spent at Daiso!)

 After he got comfortable with sand, he loved it to bits! Being the cheapskate mummy, I didn't get him any beach toys but made full use of plastic bowls and kitchen ladles. He kept scooping the sand with the ladle into the bowl, pouring it out, smacking sand around, flinging it everywhere. He got sand everywhere, over his face, in his hair, his legs and arms were all covered with it. Didn't help that it stuck to the areas where I vigorously applied sunscreen. 

Hubs was trying to build him an island to maroon him on it but gave up after realising you'd need buckets full of sea water to fill the trench. Fairy Godma sat next to Bubs to help him build sand structures (not castles because those piles of sand looked nowhere near to being castle like)

It's pure bliss to have Bubs occupied by digging and digging and digging so I could take photos non stop. He was probably ecstatic that for once, his parents didn't care that he's getting all dirty and grimy. You can't leave the beach without at least wading in sea water so Fairy Godma and I coaxed Bubs to join us right at the edge of the water. Bubs initially looked worried at the sound of the sea rushing to shore and the waves that lapped over his feet but grew to enjoy it.

If it took a lot of persuasion to get Bubs on the sand earlier, it darn took even more honeyed promises to get him out from the beach and back to the hotel grounds. Surprisingly he got on so well with Fairy Godma's mum, they were, well, having a ball (pun intended) playing barefooted on the grass. He raised his arms up high to throw the ball over his head but didn't realise the ball fell behind him and was trying to look around for it,

He also went splashing with Fairy Godma in the kiddy pool (no photos because yours truly went wading in with him) - he did a cool version of mimicking swimming, arms moving up and down above his head and a half crouch walk in the pool.

Again, more dragging him out from the pool tantrum-style and this time to his very first bath in an adult bath tub. And sorry yet again for the lack of photos as by this time, we were so tired and hungry, we just wanted to go for dinner asap.

Fairy Godma - thanks for inviting us to the beach and to make use of your hotel room. You've no idea how much fun Bubs had that day, sand, sea and bath tub, probably the kiddie version of striking the lottery! The next time you come back to Penang, you know who to look for ;)

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