Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Graffiti and Walks

The graffiti artists have become more and more sneaky. You can hear them conferring in hushed whispers but you never really catch them in the act. You can tell when they have struck again by periodically checking their favourite sketching places.

This gives under table acts a whole new meaning. 

One graffiti artist turned himself in by excitedly repeating "eh-mo!" over and over again while pointing under his chair.

The best way to deter graffiti is to bring the younger artist on walks, preferably very long ones. He gets all excited at the prospect of walks and shouts "walk walk! shu! (shoe)".

We spotted piles of discarded trimmed tree branches. I was sorely tempted to drag a few back for an arts and craft session but gave up the idea because there were ants on some of them.

I'd to snap off a "steeck" for Bubs who demanded one. He likes to hit the ground as he walks.

And then he insisted on helping Hubs wash his car, dipping his hands into the bucket full of suds, sometimes slapping the bubbles onto the car, sometimes smacking the bubbles onto his chest (he probably thought it was bath time), trying to pick up the hose to water the car but ended up hosing himself instead. As they say, the more hands, the merrier :)

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