Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays for Hubs and I have been low key events now with usually just a cake (why hello, Humble Beginnings) at home. Can I tell you about my love for mille crepes?

 Delicate layers and layers of cream filled with cream, chocolate bits and dabs of peanut butter. Bubs was excitedly shouting "cake", before me could stop him, he bent over the box and used his mouth to steal bites of the chocolate shaving on top :)

Bubs had a blast blowing out the candle, it took him more than a few tries and yes, I'm pretty sure the top of the cake was splattered with his attempts (sorry to those that I gave pieces of the cake to)

A joint effort birthday card from my two boys.

And one of the best presents ever - my first durian of the season ... soooo so good. I'm one of those weird people that eat durian with a spoon and a bowl. Love the taste but hate the lingering smell on my fingers that I just can't get off, no matter how many times I lather up my hands with soap so this is the easiest solution. Bubs and I were fighting over this bowl of durian, he kept saying "more! more!"

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, cards and pressies :) I feel so loved and blessed.


  1. Cuteness! Happy Belated Birthday! May you fantastic year ahead. The cake must have been good, I actually have their website bookmarked some time ago, perhaps its time to actually purchase a cake soon :)

  2. Thanks! Their cakes are so out of this world, I always make my family order them for their birthdays so I can have a huge portion :D


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