Monday, April 9, 2012

Dinner at Chilli's

We haven't had Chilli's for a while and what with the free kid's meal and convenient location of being within the mall, we decided to have dinner there with Bubs. No reservations are allowed and it gets filled up fast during peak times as it's popular with tourists.

Kids meals are free and they get a bottomless beverage (read: endless cups of juice and soft drinks). To be honest, I found the Kraft macaroni and cheese to be a huge disappointment, it tasted like it was made from an instant box of mac and cheese. I know you shouldn't expect too much from a free kids meal menu but c'mon, this was just awful.

Hubs didn't have better luck with his burger either. Why bother asking people for their grilling preference (Hubs requested medium rare) when it came dry and really well done. The ultimate insult was that the fries were lukewarm. They felt as though they'd been batch fried and left for ages on the counter. I wanted to tell the wait staff about it (Italiannies, Fridays and a lot of other restaurants are incredibly open to honest feedback) but they were all busy so we didn't bother. On the plus side, I liked my quesadilla salad and Bubs loved nibbling on it.

Would we go back again? Not really :(


  1. Been a while since we went to Chillis. But I do like Fridays and Italianess better. Esp their lunch set on weekdays. Btw hubs was saying we should totally raid restaurants that offer free meals for toddlers, can save a bit there, lol.

  2. I didn't know that they had weekday lunch sets! :) Yes, that's what we've been doing and my friend told me to keep her posted on other places that offer free kids meals


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