Monday, April 2, 2012

Breakfast at the Botanical Gardens

It's a beautiful sunny morning, we've sunscreen, mossie repellent and subway sandwiches (Hubs's choice is tuna which I hate) packed. Where are we heading to? Why, a breakfast picnic at the Botanical Gardens, of course!

Bubs hates fresh green leafy veggies so we brought along Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and for some extra mummy kiasu-ness, I tossed in a generous helping of wheatgerm and flaxseed ;)We had breakfast at a shaded patio right next to a small stream with clusters of bamboo growing.

A young and very brave couple went wading in the stream to catch some fishes. Bubs looked as though he wanted to go in to help until I gave him my mean mummy look.

Plenty of wide, open spaces for Bubs to explore. All I can say is thank goodness for sunscreen and mossie repellent.

The Botanical Gardens were filled with people: it was too late for the Hard Core Joggers who had all already filed out, leaving behind the Families with kids like Bubs who were running around and the Chillers ambling around. I spotted a young guy who was circling under this blossom decked tree, trying to catch the falling purple flowers with his hands before they reached the ground.

A close up of the star shaped blossom from the tree. I haven't seen any other trees with such flowers before outside the botanical gardens. Anyone knows what this is?

Hubs and Bubs explored tiny pathways that branched out into individual pockets of little gardens. There's one that leads to an amazing pond.

On the way out from the Botanical Gardens, we passed by the water lily and lotus garden. For those of you that are wondering, this is a water lily. The petals are more narrow and spikier and the giant leaves float on the water.

These clusters are lotuses, you can tell by the lotus seed pods in the center of the flower and the leaves rise above the water. There's a Chinese saying, the lotus that rises out from the mud is pure and unmarked, meaning that you can rise above from the most difficult circumstances in your life and still be pure and beautiful. See, I can still remember my Chinese proverbs! :)

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