Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daddy Time

I've to admit, Hubs does more than his fair share of spending time with Bubs and to watch how close the two of them together is often a treat for me. Hubs is the clown, tickle monster, merman, champion piggy back-er and horsey expert all rolled into one and there's nothing more Bubs love to do than to have his daddy bao bao (carry) him.

When you're a toddler, the highest and safest place in the world is on Daddy's shoulders :) Remember how you'd arch your back, stretch your arms and lift your fingers as high as they can to try to touch the sky? Or feel the wind rushing through your hair, shrieking with glee as you hold on tight while Daddy rushes down the road?

Every night before bedtime, Bubs would pick a book, make himself comfy on his personal sofa that is Daddy and demand Hubs to read to him. His favourite book at the moment is Sesame Street, pointing at the colourful pictures, shouting out ehmoo, goger, cooky, berk, errrnie, ahcar (Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and Oscar)

Hubs is a photography nut and enjoys teaching Bubs how to use a camera. Bubs was fascinated with how you could turn the flash on and off. Too precious for words!

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