Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Gremlin and Red Choc Mint Tea

Oft late, there's a Gremlin in the house. He roams around seeking things to destroy, you can hear him from far away banging objects merrily with a spoon or flinging things out from drawers. Should you hear a sudden, prolonged silence, it is most likely that the Gremlin is up to his nefarious acts. When confronted, the Gremlin would flash a cheeky grin, fling the incriminating evidence at you and screaming while running away as fast as his two little legs will take him.

Why sit quietly with just one book when you can sweep half the contents of the book shelf out onto the floor?

The Gremlin loves chaos; the more mess, the better. Which is probably the reason why I found him in my wardrobe.

The Gremlin is known for his boundless energy. Once I failed in an attempt to lure him to sleep and re-assigned the task to Hubs, I drifted off to sleep myself hearing Hubs sing ABCD over and over again in variations of different melodies and caught shadowy glimpses of little Gremlin fists shaking in time to the song. On that night, Hubs reported the Gremlin finally passed out half an hour before midnight.

It's no wonder I needed cups and cups of tea to get through the day. If I could, I'd rub T2's Red Choc Mint tea leaves all over myself, the scent of chocolate mint tea leaves is so seductive. When no one is looking, I take sneaky sniffs from the tiny little container I use to store the tea leaves. Mmmm ...

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