Friday, April 13, 2012

Framed Memories

I grew up in a snap happy family and Mum loved nothing better than to carefully select the happiest ones, place them in a store bought frames and put them on display all around the house. We'd the usual piano top lined with our graduation photos.

I haven't used an analogue camera in years and with the thing with digital cameras is that photos are so readily easily shared on social media, I'm rather lazy to get them developed (or should I now say printed out?) and put them on display. I do have a few cherished memories that I have in frames displayed around our home that put a smile on my face whenever I see them :)

This photo was taken at the Great Ocean Road way back when I was at Uni. EL, CS, Wayne and I took a tour bus in the freezing cold and we took rolls and rolls of film. When I'd this photo developed, I was struck at how the rays of light from the clouds shinning down onto the rocks and water look so calm and almost divine.

Our wedding portraits meant a lot to me because we were on a super strict budget so we didn't get any pre-wedding shots done. We did this dip kiss and that moment, everything felt just right. When our photographer played a slideshow of the portraits at the wedding reception, I teared up when I saw this shot.

Hubs took this photo of Bubs on the second day he was born. Words cannot express how much I love this photo, the squishiness of his pudgy newborn cheeks, how blissfully shut his eyes are right after his feed and that tiny pursed up mouth ... massive love!

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