Monday, April 16, 2012

Cult Classic Chicken Pie and the Graffiti Artists

The Penang Hill chicken pie is a cult classic, nearly everyone has heard of it, probably tasted it at some point in their life but to actually get their hands on it is a totally different story. It's not available in any shop or restauran, there's no advertisement for it and whenever you ask people for the contact, they'd say a friend of a friend of theirs pre-ordered it months in advance.

So to say that I was happy when YC, my sis-in-law, gave us some of the very elusive pies was definitely an understatement. At a glance, the pie looks deceptively humble with tiny charred bits at the edges. Once you take a bite, you'd be astounded by how scrumptious both the flaky crust and the soft, almost creamy filling inside. You can spot chunks of chicken, pea and a hard boiled egg all laced with a twist of Worcestershire sauce.

While I was lost in the moment of enjoying every mouthful of the pie, the house was suspiciously silent. My mummy instincts tingled and sensing something amiss, I went to the living room. Hubs and Bubs were lying on the floor, flat on their backs, talking in hushed voices and when I came closer, both went quiet. People, this is what happen when you leave 2 monsters alone with a box of crayons.

Apparently they decided that drawing under the table would be the least likely place for me to discover their graffiti. When confronted, the big monster hastily shoved the crayons into the little monster's tee and said "he did it!"

Both monsters' artwork. Not something that I'd be wiping off in a hurry, LOL.

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