Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treggings and Dinner at Yea

Topshop Treggings have to be one of the best inventions, thicker than your standard leggings with an almost trouser like material (hence the name treggings) but still incredibly comfy that you feel like you're wearing pyjama out. They have plenty of room to stretch, making them an ideal choice for a massive, all you can eat buffet.

Namely Yea at Penang Times Square.I know, I know, you're thinking that Penang doesn't need another BBQ slash steamboat buffet restaurant but believe me when I tell you that this place is really different to the rest.

Yea is huge with both an upstairs and downstairs dining area. The choices of food for both BBQ and steamboat are mind boggling, you get generous portions of ready prepared food like streaky bacon, fish, lamb shoulder, beef, scallops, oysters. Vegetarians, do not despair: there are still options like a variety of mushrooms, green leafy bits, corn on cob.

What really stood out for me was the level of service at Yea. The staff were polite and very attentive,  patiently giving us cooking demos and very helpful to demonstrate how you could use different sauces and dips to get more unusual pairings. Not being a fan of streaky bacon, I was blown away when the waiter grilled the bacon and wrapped it around a piece of kimchi - the flavour was amazing and something I'd never have thought of myself.

The grill was another fun bit - it's made from something they call a "crystal stone". It kinda reduced the charring of food which is good and the best part was that every time after using it, you could just clean it by squirting water over it and scraping it off very easily and hey presto! Ready for another grilling session :) 

Variety is the keyword, there were so many types of desserts from a chocolate fountain with marshmallow kebobs, freshly cut fruit slices, ice cream (from different tubs of flavours to ice cream sticks) and tiny little cakes, the green tea sponge was my personal favourite. 

Soooooo looking forward to another session at Yea!

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