Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oversized Me

Let's face it, I'm a shortie. Hubs and I had this conversation pre-wedding.

Me: I'm going to keep my wedding gown after the wedding. I'm not going to sell it.
Hubs: Why are you going to keep it if you're not going to wear it again?
Me: Oh, it'll be a nice family heirloom, like something I can pass down to our future daughter to wear for her wedding years from now.
Hubs: What! Our daughter's not going to be as short as you!

Anyway ....the point of all that is I realised most of my wardrobe are slim fit outfits which work for my height. I did found a few pieces of voluminous  clothing that I'd initially dismissed, thinking that they were much too big for me. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the looser, more casual feel of wearing them.

My fisherman pants were something I got years ago. The pink paisley pin stripe details on the fold over softens the severe black colour a little and to add balance to the silhouette, I wore a pair of fuchsia stripey heels.

I nearly had second thoughts about this Gap white cotton henley boyfriend shirt. The details on it are amazing, from the raised swiss dots to the fun, rolled up tabs. It was huuuge on me but it looked exactly like how a boyfriend shirt's meant to be, relaxed and dressed down. I played up the whole tunic style of the shirt by by wearing my favourite pair of faded skinny jeans and gold Indian sandals.

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