Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting into the Mood

I've been taking some little pockets of quiet time recently just to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. SSG sent me a text which I kept re-reading and brought me to my senses: she reminded me of that slippery struggle for balance that no one ever tells you about in antenatal classes. I thought that giving birth was the hard part but it turns out that it's all too easy to get a bit overwhelmed with work, house and family commitments.

I stocked up on a pile of new paperbacks that I devour greedily whenever I can find the time. I'm only into a couple of chapters of Amy Tan's The Valley of Amazement and it's been such a pleasure to snuggle up in bed, a bag of crisps (or two) and with the air con offering respite from the heat outside.

Sad to say, these days whenever I step into a retail outlet, I keep thinking to myself ooooh, get this before GST starts in April - which is how I justified these pair of silver glittery sandals. Hubs wryly remarked that I could perhaps click my heels 3 times in these and be whisked away to Oz. Hardy har har.

I stole a bag of these baby mandarins from my parents' house and they have become Bub's and my favourite quick snack to go to, especially when fresh out of the fridge. I find the flavour of these to be more intense than regular mandarins and they are pretty darn cute :) The tart citrus-y scent is perfect with a cup of iced, ginger molasses tea that my ex-boss brought back from Taiwan for.


  1. Ahhh life balance. A work in progress. Glad you're taking some time out for yourself.

    SSG xxx


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