Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bub's CNY Celebration at School

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone and may the year of the goat brings everyone love, health and wealth! Here's a quick post of the Chinese new year celebration that Bub's school had last week.Hubs and I are beginning to see the rhythm to each festival.

The children started out with songs and dances. They particularly loved this one called the "scarf dance" where they swished around little fabric squares of pink and yellow.

Bubs, to our surprise, burst into tears during the dance and started sobbing for Hubs. It took quite a lot of cajoling for him to complete his performance.

During the break,  all the parents were invited outside for some CNY goodies. See the small basket of ribbon kuih in between the mandarins and kuih kapit? The children proudly made it themselves while the Auntie helped them to fry it.

The festival was concluded with a puppet show by the teachers. I've to admit, I'm always impressed by the miniature props they manage to do. Look at that intricate lion and the tiny decorations on the house!

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