Tuesday, February 3, 2015


When I was little, my Mum would take us to see Thaipusam every year. The crowds, hot sun and loud music were terrifying - I always lived in fear of my hand slipping out of her tight grasp and getting lost. On the other hand (pun intended), I loved the sense of joy and thanksgiving emitting from the Hindu devotees and of course, the large, colourful kavadis carried.

It's funny now as I get older, I want Bubs to grow up with his own recollections of these festivals. The leafy tree-lined road was packed with people walking, most of them robed in beautiful traditional wear. Quite a number of them walked barefooted and some carried tiny steel pots of milk for thanksgiving.

I baby toddler child wore Bubs in our trusty old Ergo and I didn't want to lose him in the massive crowd and he relished not having to walk in the stifling heat. I, in turn, was scared of losing Hubs who was holding onto to my mobile and wallet so I resorted to tugging on Hub's backpack to let him know that we were behind him.

Bub's eyes went as round as saucers as he saw all the kavidis carried by devotees making their way down the road towards the temple on their annual pilgrimage. The scores of people, the pulsating drumbeats and the scent of broken coconuts were such an experience for him.

Amidst the bustle, we spotted a teenager sitting quietly under the shade of an enormous tree completing a watercolour of the temple.

There were devotees that had literally hooked onto dozens of tiny metal pots into their skin and walking barefoot amongst the crowds.

What amazed me was how they managed to not only carry the heavy kavadis, walk under the scorching sun with piercings through their bodies but they also broke into trance-like swirls, whirling round and round in front of the the statures of the Hindu gods.

It was definitely an eye opener for Bubs and let's hope, the maker of memories for many years to come :)

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