Friday, February 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: A Touch of Whimsy

Whenever friends ask - have you finished your CNY shopping, I go pfffffft. CNY shopping? It can never be finished, it's always a work in progress ;) Each time I tell myself, that's it ... then I spot another item on sale or another must have.

If you love whimsical prints as much as I do, you'll fall head over heels at Princess Diary. I was a worried that *ahem* being the age I am, whether the prints would be a lil too cutesy or kitschy (or both?!) but ... *shrugs* carpe diem!

If I can't own an entire collection of mismatched vintage teacups, I'll just have to get the printed top then :) The slouchy fit is so comfy and the pale robins egg colour goes well with most of the stuff in my already bursting at the seams wardrobe.

The first time I saw this cherry print skirt at the Queensbay outlet, the customer in front of me bought it right away and they didn't have another one. I went to the Gurney Paragon store and lo and behold, another customer placed it on the counter and was paying for it. It was like groundhog day! Thankfully, they had another one in stock so I eagerly grabbed it. Bubs loves the cute prints and pretended to pluck cherries from it to pop into his mouth :)

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