Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All Geared Up for CNY: Bub's Version

Bub's guide to getting all prepared for Chinese New Year *ahem* prioritised by importance according to a 5 year old.

Mummy and Daddy talk a lot about new clothes (boring), spring cleaning the house (I don't think they appreciated me helping out by pouring soap on the floor) but what SHOULD be important would be new toys to bring in an abundance of even more toys in the year of the goat.

Mummy says her friends even got new bedsheets (every kid knows that you only need bedsheets when you want to play at camping) but you know what you REALLY need during bedtime? A warm cuddle together with a good bedtime story. I like it best when Daddy pretends to be the bad guy and I get to be the hero who saves the world. Daddy says Mummy is weird to get a Christmas book for Chinese New Year but Mummy pointed out that it's a cool pop up book which is my favourite kind.

This year, I'm a 5 year old big boy so I'm really good at counting ang pows. Let me show you: twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, twenty ten! Mummy reminds me to say thank you after receiving them. Mummy and I have the best partnership - I get all the colourful, fun packets (look at that Lego one!) while she takes away the paper slips inside them. Daddy says it's not long before I become wiser. Hmmm, I guess it means next time when I'm an even bigger boy, I get to eat the Chinese New Year cookies and keep the red packet envelopes?

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