Saturday, November 29, 2014

Natalie's Birthday

The last time we were at Urban Playground, it was Bub's birthday and even though he went nuts there with his friends, I lamented that I didn't get to play much on the giant inflatables while everyone else did. Since Natalie's birthday was held there, I rubbed my hands in glee that I could now bounce, run and slide to my heart's content this time around. Think of it as a more fun gym session where I could burn off calories ;)

The birthday girl was so thrilled with her pressies, she refused to let go.

This spot was hands down one of the coolest attraction for all the children. They ran down the slides repeatedly into a cosy, colourful ball pit. There is something so relaxing and fun just chillin' in there. Hubs, can we please have one at home, pretty please? *puppy dog eyes*

This was the best inflatable they had for the bigger kids. It's a very steep (but soft and squishy) wall filled with velcro patches. You take different coloured cloth strips and try to stick them on the velro - which sounds a lot easier than it actually was. Bubs and I were trying to see who could get to the top.

I challenged Kelly to it and Hubs had photographic evidence that it was a tie ;) It was so much fun that I ended up ripping my jeans at the knee, LOL. In case you were wondering, even the both of us couldn't reach the top most corner.

We quickly replenished all the lost calories with lunch. I was flabbergasted with all of the yummy cookies that Kelly baked from scratch, including a modern version of kuih bangkit that was lighter and more airy.

The birthday girl was thrilled to bits with her very pretty and sweet Hello Kitty cake. Happy Birthday, Natalie!

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