Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion Friday: Shades of Blue

I have toned down a lot over the amount of shopping I do and tried to stick to a budget. While successful for the most part, I can't resist adding a few items to my wardrobe every now and then ;) Here are a couple of recent buys and not very coincidentally, in blue, one of my favourite colours.

I got this flouncy pale blue skirt with a cream lace trim from Princess Diary and it's so casual that it's perfect for the weekends with just a plain tee. I tried dressing it up with a shell pink top that had an embellished neckline and liked how the colours went together.

I've a fear of double denim so it took me a pretty loooooong time to get onto the chambray shirt bandwagon. I liked the fit of Uniqlo shirts and the dark wash together with the cute print made this an instant purchase for me.

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