Monday, November 10, 2014

3 Things

Some of the stuff, new and old, that made my week :)

My Mum found all my old books for me kept in boxes at their place and I've been excavating them to bring them home bit by bit. These brought back so many memories for me. I think most kids of the 80s in Singapore and Malaysia will remember the Mooty series. These were my first introduction to Asian literature and I remember being in awe that I could relate so well to a book that had the lead character in Japanese slippers and cicak (lizards).

This butterfly pea flower for blossoming. I found the pods from a neighbour's plant and grew them from seed. It's cute that even though I never told Bubs the name of the flower, he exclaimed "it looks like a butterfly!" The only downside is that the flowers only last for about a day before wilting.

We have finally packed up Bub's cot because it was getting far too tiny for him. Instead of training him to sleep on his own in his room, we shifted his mattress over to our room *blushes* yes, we are still co-sleeping. We were worrying initially that he'd miss his cosy little cot that he has slept in since birth. He did shed a tear or two when we packed it up but the moment he saw his bed sandwiched between the wardrobe and our bed, he became so excited.

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