Monday, November 3, 2014

Bangkok: Part 3

It was such a whirlwind trip and I really wished we had loads more time to do more stuff together as a family. I was frantically trying to balance, work, family time and shopping (poor Hubs had to do a lot of the babysitting, although as he shrugs, that's nothing new).

We did manage to sample some eats. I'm surprised at how affordable food in Bangkok is compared to Penang. A whole, fresh coconut is 19 Thai Baht (about RM2). We managed to have a pretty decent meal that comprised of mains, desserts and more desserts at Siam Paragon. I'm still kicking myself for not being able to try all of the coconut ice cream, it was so hard to find vendors. The one at iberry (ground floor of Siam Paragon) was really good, dotted with tiny chunks of frozen coconut.

Dinner was at Nuer Koo (pronounced as 'Nua Kooh' and not "Nuclear" as I was calling it) is located at the 4th floor of Siam Paragon. Famous for their prize cuts of beef used in soups and noodles, they often have long wait lists so it's best to go before peak times. Hubs accused me of picking this place based on the pretty collection of  blue and white crockery displayed on the wall ;)

The beef shoulder served with white rice was very hearty and rustic. It had a home cooked vibe and the accompanying chilli sauce served with it was fantastic.

Traditional noodles with beef balls and other various "jelly bits".

So many people have told me that After You dessert cafe is a must try in Bangkok so we headed down again to the ground floor. I was warned in advance about the long queue but thought it was a myth ... until we really were confronted with a queue of about 6 ahead of us.


Pancakes and shibuya toast.They were fluffy, not too cloyingly sweet but very filling. On hindsight, we should probably just have stopped at one.

Anantara Sathorn kindly gave us 2 free drinks at the Zoom sky bar which is the rooftop on the 40th. The view was superb and given that it was our last night in Bangkok, the weather miraculously cleared up enough for us to enjoy a spot of people watching there.

It was one of the best nights we've had. We relaxed, sipped at our fresh coconuts and the service was out of the world fantastic even though the staff knew that we were using the free coupons and didn't add on any other extras.They even giggled and patted Bub's cheek when he did the traditional Thai wai and said "kapunkap" (thank you).

No one even blinked when Bubs broke out into his dance moves along to the funky music ;) Yes, I know, we are either the world's worst or coolest parents to bring a 4 year old to a rooftop bar. Rest assured, not a single person was smoking, wish I could say the same about Penang kopitiams.

I felt sooo scruffy in a grey tee and jeans. Note to myself, no more tees on trips!

We headed home the next day with a baggage filled with goodies and hearts full of happy memories. Bangkok, parting is such sweet sorrow, til our next meet again! ;)

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