Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Harvest Festival

Bubs recently changed schools because of the operating hours so when his new school organised a Harvest Festival for parents, I was more than delighted to take a sticky beak at how he interacts with his new friends. He solemnly recited some chunks of his speech "Dear fathers and mothers," and sometimes sang songs about pulling a carrot at home, which made us look even more forward to the actual day.

Bubs was in his element! He welcomed us, sang and dance so earnestly. I think the Harvest Festival served as a mini concert for us, which was a bonus because we didn't have to pay for costumes or tickets *cheapskate mum alert*

He even sang songs in Hokkien. Ti or or, bi lok hoh (the sky is dark, it's going to rain)  my Mum-in-Law was chuckling hard at this one.

We were invited outside for some fruits and crudites. The children had made these buns for us earlier and they were still very hot to the touch!

Bubs talks a lot about these bunnies and how they feed them carrots.

We went in for the grand finale. The teachers put on a very cute puppet show and I was amazed at how quietly the children sat there, paying close attention to it without a single peep.

Before we left, the children proudly showed us the display corner that was covered with fruits and vegetables. Happy to see Bubs enjoying his new school :)

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