Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vintage Books

My Mum called me over the other day with the most exciting discovery ... she found boxes of my old books! Some of my books were handed down to me by my aunts and they belonged to them when they were teeny tiny so we're talking books that are quite possibly more than 30 - 40 years old.

As I carted home boxes full of there literary treasures and sorted them out, a wave of nostalgia struck me. The soft, worn pages comforting below my fingertips, that intoxicating smell of old paper, the vintage water colour illustrations ... for a moment I was transported back to when I was the same age as Bubs and lost in the pictures, trying to make out what few words I could read. It was as though I stepped back into time and any moment, I could see my parents, shoulders unstooped by age, hair still jet black, arms still strong enough to lift me up into the air.

There were small stacks of Ladybird books with the same beautiful pictures as I remembered them. Scribbles in blue pen as a young me tried to mimic my Dad by writing my name on the pages. Bubs wagged his finger at the writing and said "naughty mummy wrote on the book" :) Yellowed, thin comics ranging from horror comics (Dad's), super heroes (again, Dad's) to relatively new ones like the Dandy, Beano.

I was grinning from ear to ear and hugging these tightly to my chest - She-Ra books amidst other 80s treasures like Jem and the Holograms, My Little Pony - what can I say, I'd a Dad that couldn't say no to my request for books and I am a product of the 80s after all ;) Bubs was really fascinated with these and wanted to know what other cartoons did I watch back then ... wish I could find books for the Wuzzles, Fraggle Rock, Gummi Bears ... remember them? :)

Quite possibly the most heartwarming sight to me, Bubs sitting very quietly lost in reading. Even Hubs couldn't resist a chuckle when he saw Bubs glued to the same spot, his nose buried the pile of literary treasures. Here's to hoping that he has fond memories of them to last him into adulthood.

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