Monday, December 1, 2014


I have to be the world's biggest armchair critic when it comes to whodunit TV shows. Yes, you know, the annoying type that shouts "It's so obvious he's lying!" or "Look in the box, the clue is there!". One of the best ways to exasperate Hubs is to shout out the killer's name right at the beginning of the show and I do have an uncanny knack for guessing correctly ;)

So when I found out that Xcape opened a new branch in Penang, just opposite Queensbay Mall, I quickly rallied a gang of sleuths to tag along. If you're familiar with movies like Saw, the concept is pretty simple: you're locked in a room and the only way to escape is to solve a series of puzzles.

Parking is convenient as there are ample lots provided outside ... not to mention it's within walking distance from Kapitan Nasi Kandar should you feel the need to indulge in before/after - just sayin' ;)

The very pleasant reception area beguiles the rooms of horror that await intrepid explorers ...

You're provided lockers to keep your valuables in during the game. Bracelets and watches are recommended to be removed as well. There's also a washroom located within the facility.

We were provided a run through of the rooms available and John highly recommended Vampire Diary, the toughest room at Xcape. After repeatedly assuring us that there will be no monsters or ghosties hiding behind corners to lurch at us, we decided to go for this.

After giving us a couple of mini flashlights and the ground rules, we entered the darkened room. You have to find Xcape hint cards within the room should you need "assistance" from the helpers. In the event of an emergency, just jump and wave at the camera located right in front of the door.

All I can say is it requires quite a fair bit of scavenging around and teamwork to solve the puzzles. Creepy music is played in the background and I half expected a vampire to tug at my ankle ... no wait, that was just Bubs asking if it was time to quit for ice cream now ;)

After we failed to solved the Vampire Diary, we were hooked on and desperate for another go so we were recommended the Chamber of Secrets. An innocent researcher has been framed for a crime that he did not commit, find the piece of evidence that will clear his name so you can  escape from the room ...

And the result? We aced it! :D Woo hoo! With help, of course, from the Thinker ;) No prizes for guessing which one I am.

We found that the clues at Xcape were more logical, you just have to remember what is it that you are looking for and use that to find the item you need to solve it. To call the rooms atmospheric is such an understatement, at times, I felt like I was transported to the scene itself. Be prepared that some physical activity is required so it's best that you wear pants, flat shoes and avoid dangly bracelets.

For bookings and more information, check out
They can provide customisation up to a certain degree for corporate team buildings - no, they won't lock up your boss in there while you go shopping :P - and it's a fun activity to do as a family. Bubs agreed, though the chocolate biscuits I bribed him with might have swayed his opinion ;)

Xcape (It's the row of shops facing Queensbay)
Level 1 & 2, No. 41 Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-638 6399
Opens daily from 11am.

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