Monday, December 8, 2014

Xmas Cards: The Snowman

It's beginning to look a lot ... like Christmas ...

Card making, that is!

Bubs and I tried our hand at making a very simple snowman Christmas card.

Prep work for the adult includes:
Cutting out circles from white paper
A carrot like nose from orange paper
Top hat from black paper
Fun "sprinkles" like goggly eyes, snowflakes, sequins

I showed Bubs how to put a snowman together using the paper and then let him try it out.

Bubs carefully layered the pieces together.

We went through so many dried up, half used bottles of glue that we're praying hard this bottle of UHU can make it.

Frosty is almost done. Bubs then drew on a smile and buttons with markers.

On to the adornments for Frosty.

Bub's song, "I'm a little snowman short and round!"

Et voila! Snowflake chomping snowmen :D

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