Sunday, December 28, 2014

To The Beach We Go

Fairy Godma and her lovely family likes to spend a night at a Batu Ferringhi hotel annually and lucky Bubs always gets invited to spend a day at the seaside plus the use of their shower (much to Hub's relief) before heading home.

They had a beautiful view of the coastline from their hotel balcony and as always, Fairy Godma and I are enamoured by this charming bungalow complete with a stone bridge connecting it to a private widows walk on the sea. Based on how the waves splashed, we could glimpse massive boulders under the waters and speculated if it is possible to walk from the submerged rocks to an island on the right. Or wait ... was that a plot from Enid Blyton's Famous Five?

It was slightly downcast but it worked out perfectly, it's the sort of grey-ish weather right before a drizzle and the stormy clouds sheltered us from the sun. Bubs was in a rush to head down to the beach for some sand digging, seashell collecting and splashing in the surf. It took him 4 whole years to discard his fear of the waves! He ferried seawater to and fro to his sand castles.

Fairy Godma's dad found a tiny hermit crab nestled up in a seashell and Bubs was so curious about it. "What is it? Where does it live? What does it eat?"

The beach was sprinkled with seashells of all shapes and colours: from ebony black to tiger stripes.

We spent hours at the beach, talking, playing, entertaining Bubs and secretly relieving our own childhood :)

The simple pleasures of life. 

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