Thursday, April 3, 2014

Books from the Big Bad Wolf

Did anyone go to the Big Bad Wolf sale this year? I'm somewhat proud ashamed to announce that I went a total of 5 trips and lugged away a carton of books each time. The variety of books were good, especially when I found quite a number of children's books that weren't available in local retailers and I was half contemplating getting them online.

I skipped past the fiction/novels section after giving it a quick glance and went berserk at the children's books. Sometimes, I think one of the perks of having a young child (of course, apart from the sloppy kisses and tight cuddles) is being able to indulge in gorgeously illustrated picture books for myself Bubs.

Sam Ita is a new discovery for me and after reading a little about him, I'm now keen to get my sticky little paws on Robert Sabuda's pop up books. I snapped up Sam Ita's Moby Dick, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and also Frankenstein and Bubs has been astounded by how lavish the pop ups work.

A cross between a condensed graphic novel and intricate pop ups, Bubs couldn't stop playing with them and repeatedly asked me to read out the story for him. I've to admit I haven't read the originals before so it was a pretty interesting read, though I'd to do a bit of editing the story for Bubs.

The lost city of Atlantis literally pops out of the book.

One of Bub's favourite pages: the giant sea squid with its tentacles curled around a helpless victim. A tad morbid, but still fascinating for a 3 year old ;)

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