Monday, April 28, 2014

A Small & Cosy Birthday

The older *ahem* I get, the smaller and more intimate birthdays seem to be. Less mass party celebrations but more cosy dinners and chats with family and friends. Some of the things we did together included ...

Dinner with EL a day before. This girl has been my shopping partner in crime since college days - I still have fond memories of braving sales together and sharing fitting rooms. Since she was the one that taught me how to wear heels, I find it so ironic that this time, we were shopping for supportive comfy footwear. This pic was taken right in front of the birks outlet :D Yes, we have reached that age.

Hubs and Bubs made this birthday card for me ... awwww. Bubs enjoyed making this so much that the next day, I found him sitting quietly in a spot, making a card for himself!

My birthday present from Hubs this year is a One Line a Day journal. I love the idea of scribbling a couple of lines a day everyday for the next 5 years and then reflecting back upon the past. The writing space is kind of cramped so this works best for people with small handwriting. ps - Book Depository ships for free!

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