Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bubs Speak

My sweet little baby is becoming more and more grown up to the point that every time he gets annoyed with me, he tells me firmly "mummy, you go work, I'm playing now, okay?"

Whenever Bubs mispronounces a word, I shriek like a banshee to stop Hubs from correcting him and destroying what's left of his baby-hood.

Bubs' talk: Pink-kaboo
What he means: Peekaboo

Bubs' talk: No-thing
What he means: Nothing

Bubs' talk: Efferfesser
What he means: Professor

When he gets excited, he goes "Oh wow oh wow oh wowww!"

Once he bawled for no reason and why I asked him why, he spluttered out "My tongue bit my teeth!" :D

And the most heartbreaking one during bedtime "Mummy, you don't need to pat me to sleep, I'm a big boy now" :( Where did that infant with the soft, milky breath and squishy nom-able thighs disappear to?


  1. Oh , he's adorable!

    Love his play set.

    SSG xxx

    1. At every development stage he goes through, I wish I could pause time for just a little bit :)


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