Saturday, April 26, 2014

3 Things

I went on a shopping splurge again recently ...

Tiny treats from Mabel Savonnière. She makes the nicest cold process soaps and is a creative genius when it comes to concocting blends. To top that off, the handmade fabric gift bags are gorgeous - just take a look at this sushi print. This round, I tried a full bar of Marmalade (formulated from nut oils, yogurt and tangy essential oils such as lemon and lime) which sounds good enough to spread on bread and feels heavenly in a shower. The Baby Mango Milk soap came in a cutesy teddy bear shape was a gift for a friend's daughter so I didn't get a chance to try that. Bubs and I did enjoy the Fancy Fun Lippie Sticks. I loved the fact that it comes formulated with all natural ingredients and the chocolate scent drove us in a frenzy to keep rubbing it over our lips because of the luscious scent. We had such soft and kissable lips for the past month or so, haha!

It would be positively criminal to not take advantage of the 20% birthday discount at Dorothy Perkins so I skipped happily out of the store with these.

I couldn't say no to this blush coloured sleeveless top with a jeweled neckline though I'm terrified to eat curry noodles in this.

Found this fit and flare garden floral dress with a lace trim back.


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