Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making a Spectacle

I realised my past few posts have been very Bubs-centric, mainly because the whole family has been down with multiple bouts of flu/coughs/and other not so pleasant things that go along with it so we haven't been out and about as much.

I'm still waiting for my yucky conjunctivitis to run its course. Part of the reason why I dislike it so much is that I'm forced to wear glasses for a couple of weeks :( I have been wearing glasses since 9 and always feel so dorky in them, regardless of how many types of glasses I've tried on.

Making a mood board to inspire me for the next few days ahead before I can switch back to contact lenses. Once thing helps though ... when in doubt, always put on a dab of lippie and smile!

ps - I placed an order for the One Line a Day journal, it seems like such a fascinating concept. Can't wait to receive it in the post!


  1. Love that navy dress. The journal sounds interesting!

    SSG xxx

  2. It has quite a number of good reviews, it'd be fascinating to keep it for 5 years!


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