Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend in Peek-tures

We were having breakfast close to the Pulau Tikus market and I poked around in one of the little stores nearby. It sold a large variety of intricately painted crockery. The ones I really liked (turquoise blue or mint green with tiny butterflies) were all close to RM100 each - yes, I know, I've exquisite taste ;) The shop owner helped me narrow my selection down on this cheerful yellow oval plate which came at a more affordable price tag.

Glam Girl and I celebrated her very belated birthday at Rakuzen plus did a spot of shopping after that to burn some calories. It was such a good girly chat to catch up on old friends and what's new in our lives. Not to mention every single time I go out with Glam Girl, I always end up carrying a shopping bag or two back home!

We were lucky enough to chance upon a small Hindu procession. It was such a colourful sight that we couldn't help but stand at the side to watch it for a while. The cows were adorned with garlands of colourful flowers and look, even the horns and hooves were painted bright green. To our surprise, one of the devotees fed the cows bananas, peel and all and it was munched up in no time.

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