Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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Bubs caught a bad tummy bug, the type that resorted in a frantic 1am drive to the hospital, reverting to diapers (thank goodness we still kept a pack) and keeping a plastic bag handy wherever we went. In case you are wondering - it took heaps of baking soda, fresh rosemary sprigs and opened windows for Hub's car to smell somewhat normal again.

When Bubs semi-recovered, both Hubs and I caught his bug :( I think we used up most of the plastic bags in the house.

I ended up taking a day off work because I was so exhausted. The next day, our director flew out from the US and we had a team meeting in the conference room. My manager introduced each one of us to her.

When it was my turn, this was what my manager said, "The Nonya was out sick yesterday because she had diarrhea."

What the ...
The room went so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
Omigoshhhh, I was so mortified, I wanted to dig a hole and hide.

The director broke the silence by laughing so hard, asking my manager to spare us all the details.
*face palm moment*

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