Monday, September 22, 2014

A Quick Ipoh Trip

Another trip down south to Ipoh.

I would LOVE to have this awesome bookshelf (at Sekeping Kong Heng) replicated at home.

No trip to Ipoh is complete without stopping by Buku 555.

We dropped by the New Star barber shop so Bubs could have a trim for his unruly mane. Hubs and I found the whole process hilarious, especially when the barber gave Bubs a traditional Indian head massage. Bubs was a bit of a minor celeb with people walking past the tiny salon to stare and take photos of him.

The highlight of our trip - Missing Marbles added an authentic, old school Super Mario pinball machine! Hubs couldn't believe his eyes and was filled with nostalgia. Dexter, the co-owner, explained that he bought the machine from Ipoh's iconic Jubilee Park game arcade and had it restored for the cafe. Hubs stroked the side of the pinball machine longingly and Bubs gazed at me with melting puppy dog eyes. Fineeeeee ... I sighed.

Boys will be boys :)


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