Monday, September 1, 2014

Lantern Party

Bub's school had a lantern festival last week.

It started off in the evening with a potluck dinner. Bubs and his mates all then clambered around the massive garden filled with low fruit trees to climb, tyre swings and a small tree house. Being wary of mosquitoes, I insisted Bubs put on a long sleeved tee, long jeans and plenty of mossie repellent. The school also lit tiny, smouldering bonfires to keep those pesky insects away.

His favourite bit of school - the sandpit :) The teacher tells me that he can always be found there, joyfully digging and mucking around.

When dusk gave way to night, all of the lanterns were brought out, brightly lit globes of various hues. Bubs has been describing his lantern (blue) and his girl pal, S's lantern (red) in great detail to me since a couple of weeks ago so he was very proud of his creation. The lanterns were all battery operated paper lanterns decorated with colourful paper scraps.

They chanted a Hokkien ditty "lang, lang, gia teng lang, huey, huey, gia teng huey" as they marched round the field.

Bubs was searching high and low for S and he repeatedly called out loud her name while using his lantern to light his path in the dark. I couldn't stop giggling when S's dad remarked that finally, the 2 long lost loves are re-united.

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